Are You Making a Mistake by Adding Milk To Your Scrambled Eggs?

Does Adding Milk To Your Scrambled Eggs Really Work?

Good quality eggs don’t need a lot of extra ingredients to taste great. If you find yourself adding milk to your scrambled eggs every morning, you can stop. Now. Milk won’t make your scrambled eggs creamier, fluffier, or tastier. Actually it will make your scrambled eggs tasteless.

Adding Milk To Your Scrambled Eggs mistake 2

What milk will do is dilute the flavor of the eggs. The result is just rubbery and colorless scrambled eggs. Very similar to what you can find at a school cafeteria. Robby Melvin, Southern Living Test Kitchen Director has a clear answer when he was asked if adding milk to scrambled eggs is a good idea: “Nope.”

What can you use instead? Chefs agree: butter is the only dairy you need when cooking scrambled eggs.

Do you want to know more things you are doing wrong when cooking scrambled eggs? Keep reading…

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