Coronavirus…What will happen next?

The Coronavirus “came to life” on December 31th of 2019, in the city of Wuhan in China. The whistleblowing chinese doctor, Li Wenliang, tried to warn his country, but the authorities tried to cover up the deadly virus.

2 months after, the COVID-19 virus has extended all over the world. Every single continent has been infected by Coronavirus, especially Europe.

All governments need to follow China in taking direct actions against Coronavirus. Nobody should be constrained by the lack of funds.

This virus will not only leave many deaths behind, but also the world economy. Due to the quarantine, many business all over the world, have been forced to stop their activity until the virus is controlled.

The governments in the most affected countries, have made it mandatory to close everything, except the necessary business, such as supermarkets, public transport, pharmacies and local grocery shops.

The economic impact will be bigger than expected. Business in the US and Europe will have a major vulnerability, due to their increasing reliance on China, as a supplier and customer over the past 10 to 20 years.

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