Kakeibo, the Japanese saving method which can make you 35% richer

Is saving each month still a pending task for you? That will change when you discover kakeibo, the Japanese saving method which is sweeping Western countries thanks to the promise of making us up to 35% richer.

Simplicity and perseverance are the basis of this saving method that promises to easily help us control our expenses and incomes.

japanese saving method

Saving is still a pending task

Almost all of us propose to save part of our salary, yet in the moment of truth only a few succeed. According to latest studies, saving remains a pending issue for most citizens.

In the UK, for example, the saving ratio at the end of 2017 fell sharply to only a 3%. It had never been lower since it was recorded for the first time in 1963. In Spain only 4 out of 10 citizens manage to save something at the end of the month.

And according to a well-known saving app almost 60% of the citizens go into debt at the end of the month. The economic crisis and job insecurity are largely to blame.

japanese saving method

But it’s also true that we usually make mistakes which make it difficult for us to save. Sometimes we set ourselves a goal too demanding. And when we do not achieve them, we become demoralized and we give up saving.

“If so few people get to save it must be very difficult”, you might think. But after discovering the ultimate Japanese saving method you will realize that it’s actually much easier than it seems.

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