Malia Obama has moved in at Harvard (as her family did in the past)

After finishing her studies in the prestigious Sidwell Friends private school, Malia Obama has moved in at Harvard.

And she does so under a great responsibility. She will have to keep up with the family tradition and complete her studies in this university.

Malia Obama has moved in at Harvard 1

Malia has moved in at Harvard despite the rumors about her academic future. A year ago, Barack and Michele visited the top universities in the US (Columbia, Stanford…).

However, Harvard will welcome another Obama into its classrooms. Barack and Michele’s oldest daughter is happy to attend to this university.

After graduating at Sidwell Friends, she decided to have a gap year before moving in to Harvard. This is very common in this type of family. It is considered to be useful for happiness and personal growth.

Before signing in for Harvard, Malia spend some time visiting other private universities, such as Princeton and Brown.

Malia Obama has moved in at Harvard 2

Both Michele and Barack studied in this university. However, they did not meet until both finished studying. Malia has moved in at Harvard with only one advice from her father: “Don’t go to college just to duplicate the same experience you had in high school. Be open to new experiences when you go to college”, he said.

We still don’t know what Malia will study at Harvard. Everything suggests, however, she will go for the audiovisual industry. Malia has worked several times behind cameras. For example, for the series Extant, from CBS and also for the series Girls, from HBO.

Malia Obama has moved in at Harvard and the following years are decisive for her future. Her future will be, nonetheless, much brighter than most of the people in the world. We have no doubt about it.


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