Are you tired but you cannot sleep? Science has the answer

It is 3 am and you cannot sleep a wink. You are tired but you cannot sleep and you mess around in bed.

It is not the first day this happens to you, you are probably used to this situation and you think you are an insomniac. Well, do not despair, there is an reason for this and insomnia is not it. You are just a late riser. And you are not alone.

tired but you cannot sleep 1

Dr Simon N. Archer found in 2003 a gene known as the “clock gene”. This gene determines the time of the day that our body is ready to be awake. In 2006, 3 years after the gene was found and following Dr Archer’s investigation, the B-Society was born. The B-Society is a community with presence in over 50 countries.

Her creator, Camila King, spoke to the media and explained the problem with circadian rhythms and what we can do to sleep better.

tired but you cannot sleep 1

Camila explains: “each and every one of us has a different circadian rhythm. We cannot choose it and it is influenced by genes, gender and age”.

This means that we all hace a different sleep schedule. When you are tired but you cannot sleep, this may be the reason.

The B-Society takes its name from the classification of this analysis into two different types of people: type A, the early risers, and type B, or late risers. Morning is the best time of the day for type A but the worst one for type B. If you are part of the type B section, you may be tired but you cannot sleep.

tired but you cannot sleep 1

The B-Society aims to stop these tight workdays and go for the personal efficiency, only found in individualism. “The most important thing is sleeping long enough, at our own pace”. Now you know what to say when people complain about you getting to work late.


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